It is important to pick the right domain name. Ask yourself: “Is my name/brand recognition something I already enjoy, or am I new to the web?”

Design your domain name around your name or company name, if you can say, ‘Yes’ to these:

  • My name IS my brand (realtors, writers, artists, etc)
  • My company name or brand is highly recognized (Ford, Amazon, Kroger, Ace Hardware)

Design your domain name around the most important keyword phrase for your company, if you are:

  • A brand new company
  • In a highly competitive market (vitamins, jewelry, books, cars, etc)

You might think that the most important thing is to pick a domain name that matches your company name, but that might actually be the worst thing you could do. Unless you are ABC Television, or (a company that is highly recognizable), you might be passing up a great opportunity to buy a domain name that can bring search engines traffic to your just because of the keywords that your domain name contains.

Picking a Keyword-Rich Domain Name

If you pick a domain name that has the kind of words in it that customers would use to find you on the search engines, you will have a greater chance of being found for that keyword.

The reason?

You are always found by your domain name on the search engines. Try this: Go to and type in: 2 computer chicks. Our website is the first and only thing to pop up on the search results. The key here is to get that same affect with YOUR domain name.

Ready to pick a great domain name? Let us help you plan yours today, before someone else takes it.

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Last Modified: January 1, 2015